• You may find it useful to consider including information about...

    • The challenge that is being addressed;
    • How your approach compares with current solutions;
    • The potential social and economic impact in South Africa;
    • Description of the technology that you are offering and the stage of development of this technology.
  • The more information you can give here, the easier it will be for other participants to know whether there's a possible fit with your proposal. Think about what you need to find to complete your consortium. As a minimum there should be:

    1. A South African Project Lead, responsible for the South African application submission, leading the South African part of the project and communicating with the UK Project Lead. This can be either a company or a researcher. Please note: private large companies are not eligible for funding under this competition.

    2. A UK registered company Project Lead, responsible for the UK application submission, leading the UK side of the project and communicating with the South African Project Lead.

    However, the consortium can additionally include:

    3. Additional South African companies

    4. Additional UK companies

    5. South African researchers based in public or private organisations/ universities. 

    6. UK academic institutions, other research organisations, public sector bodies and charities undertaking research activity in the UK - but cannot lead the UK side of the project.

    If possible, please state:

    • Whether you are looking for a UK or South African partner
    • Whether you are looking for a company, university, research organisation, etc
    • The technology or offering you would like potential partners to bring to your collaboration.
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